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Shireburn   Arms   Wedding  Photographer

Located in the picturesque village of Hurst Green, The Shireburn Arms is a 17th Century Pub/ B&B offering stunning views, beautiful accommodation and locally produced food.  A Shireburn Arms wedding is ideal for smaller intimate weddings, that desire that intimate vibe. Its contemporary furnishings create a quirky boutique feel; that make it homely and relaxed. What you don’t expect with this venue is the gardens, they are just beautiful. Lots of space for all your family portraits and some cute little corners for romantic portraits too. If you are looking for your Shireburn Arms Wedding Photographer keep reading!

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Shireburn Arms Weddings Clitheroe Shireburn Arms Weddings Clitheroe Shireburn Arms Weddings photographer Shireburn Arms Weddings Photographer Shireburn Arms Wedding photographer Shireburn Arms Weddings Clitheroe

Spring    Weddings   in   Lancashire

April & May are those gorgeous months of the year when we have the opportunity to see the stunning blossom trees in full bloom. There is something very special about that pink blossom. Not only does it signal that summer is coming; but its also super pretty against the blue spring skies. How many Instagram posts in the month of May do you see of  gorgeous pink blossom!. Shireburn Arms are one of the lucky Lancashire wedding venues to have a beautiful blossom tree in their gardens, making a stunning backdrop to Gemma & Alex’s wedding portraits.

Shireburn Arms Weddings Clitheroe Shireburn Arms Weddings Clitheroe

The   Happy    Couple

Gemma & Alex actually booked me from half way across the world. Canada to be exact. They are both originally from Burnley, with all their family and friends are still in Lancashire; so it was a no brainier but to come back to the UK for their  big day . Gemma had booked the Shireburn Arms and was researching photographers. After found my information via a FB link from another bride who had held her wedding at the Shireburns Arms ( the power of social media).  They checked out my website and got in touch; and booked me during that call!. We arranged an engagement shoot,  for when they were next in the UK. Meeting up before the big was really lovely. In fact all my memories of these two are lovely.  It was a total pleasure to be part of their celebrations. Much Love!

Wedding Photography Shireburn arms Shireburn Arms Weddings Clitheroe Shireburn Arms Weddings Clitheroe

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