Joyful Wedding Photography in Lancashire

Hello There! - Guess your here cause looking to find your ideal wedding photographer - it can be a mission. However its really all about finding the right fit. So I've made sure my website has all the important info you will need plus a ton of pretty pics. You'll also get to know all about me, my style and the way I like work it too.

From the moment I arrive for your morning prep to your party, where I will be spinning around with you on dance floor. I'll be popping up everywhere, mostly unnoticed. Mixing in with your guests and capturing those all important NATURAL photos. I'll also be snapping some colourful, gorgeous relaxed portraits of you both. This is such a fun part of the day, plus 10 minutes alone is complete bliss on such a packed day, (more on this on the about me page!!) - does it sound like we could be a fit? -  then have a good nosey around my site to find out more!

My Style

On your day my aim is to discreetly blend in with you & your guests, whilst bringing my upbeat positive energy to help create those fun captures. From the moment I arrive for the morning preparations to the packed dancefloor in the evening, I'll be popping up everywhere (mostly unnoticed!) mixing in with your guests and capturing those all important NATURAL moments. 

I'll always make sure that your 5 minutes away from your guests for your portraits is fun, relaxed and taken quickly with as little fuss at possible - after all it's you wedding day not a photoshoot. I'll be honest, if you are looking for lots of dramatic staged photos then I'm probably not the photographer for you. However if you like the idea of some informal photos then we'd be a perfect fit. I'm a real romantic, so working as a full time Lancashire wedding photographer really is my DREAM JOB. I never forget how privileged I am to have been asked along for the ride.