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You   Do   You!

There are no rules with weddings, and that goes for same sex weddings or herosexual  weddings alike. Gone are days where we follow a tradition of how to style yourself, plan you day, people you invite. Some couples love all the traditions of weddings and having all the traditional elements of day (although its becoming less!😉). For me personally I say,  its your life (YOLO) and its your day , so do exactly how you please. Family & friends should fall in with you. We all know different generations can have different ideas , but how you decide to marry the person of your dreams should be celebrated your way❤

So wear what you want –  hold it at the venue you want – go with your taste for the entertainment – cake or no cake.🤷‍♀️..who knows. So lets have a look at all theses areas and discuss.

Passion   for   Fashion

If you have a passion for fashion, show it! I think anything goes, although completely matching maybe a no go. Definitely be your own person with styles. Different coloured suits always look great, just that contrast will showcase you personalities. Be yourself and it will add to the feel. I love COLOUR so two brightly coloured suits would be my dream. Can you imagine a hot pink & purple suit topped off with pale pink button holes ❤

Brides have all options. I’ve photographed brides who have both donned pretty dress or both in trousers suits.. so you girls’ have the best of both worlds. Again sticking to your own style will make you feel more relaxed so do YOU!

Your  Wedding  Day

Are you having a theme? do you want a non spiritual ceremony ? maybe a celebrant? Are you having it outdoors? Is it more a party with lots of entertainment? there are lots of ways to make it totally represent your personality. The traditional main element of a wedding obviously the ceremony ( in whatever form you choose), but other than that you can make your day be whatever and do it however you like.

Having a same sex wedding in Lancashire get in touch! – 💕

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