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NYE   wedding  at   Ashfield   House

Winter weddings really do have a lot more lot of  going for them than you might think – Slotted in between these beautiful photos from this gorgeous NYE December wedding at ashfield house I’ve put together a list of reasons to which may be a game changer if your undecided about whether or not to go for a stunning winter wedding. Here we GO!…

Rave Review⚡⚡⚡

Jules was absolutely fantastic. She captured so many lovely photos of us and our guests. We were so keen to spend lots of time with guests and she did our couple shots so efficiently whilst getting some gorgeous photos. She a lovely person to have with you on the day and our photos were ready by the time we got back from honeymoon – couldn’t recommend more highly!


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Chic     Ashfield     House   Weddings

Ashfield house is simply a gorgeous blank canvas. It has the grand feel of a manor house, yet homely. Its  jammed packed full of quirky details (old and new), yet somehow manages to soak up the personality of each couple. The atmosphere is modern, chic & elegant. It has the charm of a manor house on its own estate, but on a smaller scale . Which is ideal for large weddings or a midweek intimate wedding alike.  I’ve  been lucky enough to be a wedding photographer at Ashfield House on numerous occasions. It never disappoints and no matter what time of year, its just stunning to shoot at. This wedding Ashfield House was New Years Eve, some would consider a bleak time of year, but just check out these images:)

Ashfield house

Ashfield House weddings are a complete dream for  wedding photographer folk. So when I was asked if I was available on New Years Eve  to be Kate & Sam’s Wedding photographer at Ashfield house, I was totally in! I’ll be honest a big reason was because of the venue. If you are shooting on NYE, then having the pleasure of getting fed at Ashfield is another complete treat in itself :).  Have a tasting there, you will soon know what I mean – Totally Delicious! After a beautiful traditional church ceremony, we headed over to Ashfield Hose for the party. All the couples/ family portraits were taken as soon as we arrived. Beating the winter early sunset, and giving Kate & Sam plenty of time to relax with their guests.

Better  Rates!

It will be cheaper!.. its a dead cert that you venue (your most expensive layout for you wedding) will have winter rates and be a lot cheaper than mid summer months. If you go for a Thursday or Sunday you may get even better rates again. Other suppliers such as your photographer, that’s me will also offer winter discounts. I offer discounts for November, January, February & March. Ask around and you may get a discount with all your suppliers making a fabulous saving overall. Extended honeymoon anyone!

Ashfield House Wedding Photographer Ashfield House Wedding Photographer Ashfield House Wedding Photographer Ashfield House Wedding Photographer Ashfield House Wedding Photographer Ashfield House Wedding Photographer

No Hot Mess

Lets face it – we think we want a hot sunny day but it really just leads to HOT MESS. The hair and make up melting away. Guys in their 3 piece suits over heating. Me! – taking you into the shade for photos cause the best backdrop at the venue has a blazing sun beating down onto it and everyone is blinded by the light. You get sunburn on or wedding day. I SEEN IT HAPPEN!!. Sunny wedding sound great but in reality it can be too much in a heavy full length dress of dreams, I have seen so many brides melting in the heat of summer and wishing they had gone for a thinner cooler dress. As a Browsholmwe Hall winter wedding photographer I’d say Winter Wedding’s win here too!

Ashfield House Wedding Photographer

Less Stress

Winter weddings can definitely be less stressful to plan, get RSVP’s back from guests etc. In the summer friends are planning holidays and have busy calendars. The kids are off school there are so many factors. During Jan to March people are more likely to be free. It a time of year where not much is happening and everyone is up for a fabulous event  that they can put on their sparkiest outfits and head off to a party . As its a slower time for all us wedding suppliers we are refreshed, are looking head to the new year with fresh ideas and goals so everyone is at there a game.

All your loose ends will be tried up before Christmas so you can just kick back and relax over the festive period and enjoy!

Photos back quicker.

Between April & October the wedding photographer calendar is full on, as this when I shoot 90% of my yearly weddings. December can be a busy month for weddings for me too, but general November, January, February & March are the quieter month. So I can turn around a  full wedding edit in maybe 2 weeks rather than 6 weeks. Your videographer will possibly be the same. Get to see all you amazing photo & memories straight after the honeymoon. Sometimes I even send them to my couples as while they are on honeymoon❤.

Sunning Snowy Photos

Snow Queen & King… how dreamy would a white wedding be. Now I know that no one can really plan for a white wedding, its just pot luck isn’t it. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a several of snowy weddings and they are just the beautiful. The photography is amazing as the snow bounces light everywhere., which it so flattering against the skin. Wellies are a must which adds to the relaxed fun feel of the photos, although I have had brides who have braved the wedding shoes for that awesome shoe shot.

Go Glamour!

Dress up for a winter wedding – you can make it all about the glamour. As the temperatures are not melting. The guys will love to wear the full dinner suit and the ladies can go to town with disco sparkles and full on hollywood furs for that winter chill.  Sparklers at night will add to that whole winter wonderland affair

Ashfield House Wedding Photographer Ashfield House Wedding Photographer Ashfield House Wedding Photographer Ashfield House Wedding Photographer

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