Eaves Hall Wedding Photographer

Eaves   Hall   Wedding  Photographer

Eaves Hall is to be one of the most popular wedding venues in Lancashire. Set in the stunning Ribble Valley, Eaves Hall is the perfect exclusive use country house setting for your wedding. A place where breathtaking architecture, beautiful spaces and elegant gardens come together to make your dreams a reality. The venue has 30 beautifully furnished bedrooms, including a luxury lodge. If your looking for you Eaves Hall wedding photographer read on…..I could be the one you’ve been looking for. If you are looking for a Eaves hall wedding photographer to photography your Autumn Eaves Hall wedding – get in touch for your personal quote

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I normally photography at least 5 wedding at Eaves every year and ever time I always find new places within the gardens and Hall to photograph. There are those classic Eaves Hall images that are always lovely to capture. Like the beautiful back lit late evening image shot outside the front doors. Portraits on the balcony and the gardens are always a must too. I’m always most excited when I discover a new little spot where I’ve never captured before. My love of the silhouette shot is a firm favorite of mine; and at Eaves Hall there are so many spots to capture dramatic Silhouettes. The beautiful windows and doorways just lend themselves to these stunning shots.


Colourful    Lancashire   Wedding   photographer

Samantha &  Mark are the most adorable couple. Their whole day was filled with laughter and love. Their wedding ceremony  had the addition of the personalized aisle runner. Samantha and Mark made this amazing runner together. Its based on a old tradition of a tapestry design, where the bride and her maids would hand sew the couples love story. Then you walk the love story to met end other at end. Cute eh!! . This particular Eaves Hall wedding has to be my all time favorite. Not only were these guys so much fun to be around but  photographing their Autumn wedding in the beautiful Gardens at Eaves Hall was a real treat. I chose to photograph their portraits under the Red Maple tree and they are some of my most loved Autumn wedding  portraits EVER!.

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