Barn Weddings Lancashire

Barn  Weddings

Congrats your engaged, and  are  ready to start your wedding planning!. First thing is finding that perfect venue. Where are you going to host the best party you will ever throw?

Looking for your ideal wedding venue can be a very tricky task. I speak couples at wedding fairs all the time that are in this position. I always think it’s like finding you ideal home. You will know after about 5 minutes of walking in if its right. You’ll just get that feeling.

There are so many different types of wedding venues in the Lancashire and Cheshire where I mostly tend to shoot, but in the last few years there has been a big increase in barn weddings.

This blog piece will not only highlight some of the great features of a barn wedding but also give you a few link of some of the most popular barns in Lancashire.


Why    Barns     make    Excellent   Wedding    venues

Ok so let’s start with the reason’s barns are so great!

1.    There BIG with high ceilings so lots of space and the WOW factor!

2.    They are normally in countryside locations, so great views and with lots if stunning backdrops for your photos

3.       They are great party spaces….FACT!.. mostly due to the size😊

4.    They are COOL and will add a touch of elegance to any type of wedding weather its boho wedding or a more traditional

Space does not mean you need a large wedding party. I have photographed small intimate weddings with one long central table for dining and it looks simply stunning. Having space in any environment is a luxury and gives you room to add decorations, love letters, a photo booth or gift tables. Just having extra space on a practical level just helps your guests move around the room easily.


Wow   Factor

When dressed for ceremony, dining or your party a barn always Has the WOW FACTOR. The combination of the high ceilings, wooden beams (which can often be dressed in fairy or festoon lighting) really adds to the grandeur of the occasion.

Countryside locations are beautiful for all the obvious reasons, but most wedding barns are set on their own land, giving amazing sweeping landscapes, clear views for drop-dead sunsets making all year round weddings simply stunning.

I don’t know what it is about barn weddings but every time I shoot a wedding at a barn venue it’s always a great PARTY! Size really helps here as a lot of couples that choose a barn weddings go for as live band as they have the extra space. A live band is guaranteed to be a floor filler, getting everyone from nanna to the little un up on dads’ shoulders for a FABULOUS PARTY!


It’s    all    about    the  feel

They are bloody COOL….FACT😊 They have that sexy kerb appeal that Kirsty Allsop talks about on Location, Location, Location. All your guests will love the look inside and out. So different to the run of the mill hotels. They can be boho- ed up for that casual vibe or dressed in elegant décor for a more classic feel.

Themed weddings also work well as most wedding barns as they are a complete blank canvas. Halloween or autumnal themes are ideal in a barn setting. Hope my Top Tips for Barn weddings are helpful, and you have enjoyed this blog post😊.

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Barn Weddings LancashireBarn Weddings Lancashire Barn Weddings Lancashire Barn Weddings Lancashire

Here    are    a    few   great   barns   to   check   out.

Browsholme Hall & Tithe Barn

Bashall Barn

Sandoak Barn

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