Wedding Planning – where to start?

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Your now on the exciting path towards your wedding day. Before you get there, there will be some planning that you have to do – Wedding Planning – where to start?

This post is just my personal guide to planning your celebrations. Years of experience listening to my couple’s journeys,  with top tips from venues and other wedding suppliers.

One   –   Venue

First thing is where are you having it? .

I get asked a lot at wedding fairs for suggestions of venues. There are so many different types of wedding venue, here are a few suggestions.

  • Halls
  • Barns
  • Marquees/ Tipis
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Farms
  • Museums
  • Gastro Pubs
  • Victorian Swimming Pools
  •  Village Halls
  • Theme Parks
  •  Stately Homes and more!

I think choosing your venue is a lot like choosing your home; you get a feeling when first go in if its right. Obviously, there are other factors such as location, pricing and size, but if you get that feeling it’s got to be right!


Two   –   Photographer    –    Videographer

Now you may think I’m being biased BUT I can only shoot one wedding a day. So once I’m booked that date has gone. Some other suppliers can cater for several weddings in one day, but not your photographer or videographer or Entertainment!

I suggest to couples that they start researching photographers at the same time as they are researching venues, so that as soon they have confirmed your date & booked their venue, you can have a shortlist of photographers ready to go.

First thing you should look for when choosing your photographer is style. Do I like the way they capture the images, the colors they use in edit? The feel of the work and the range of emotions they evoke.

Then it’s the actual person. Do you like them? Photographer biography’s on their website, Instagram stories & posts are a great source of information. Are they your sort of person? Do they make you smile? Are you feeling connection towards them? Arrange to meet up or have a phone call with your favourites. Once you have met or spoken to your favourite’s you should have a clear idea who your winner is, so BOOKED THEM! – you have found your photographer!

I get a lot of booking from couples who have met me at friends’ weddings. They have seen me in action, so know I’m down to earth, friendly & organized.  Some couples have booked me within just a five minutes of chatting on the phone or a short conversation at wedding fair. Making a choice can be a quick gut decision for some people, but if you are undecided hopefully this plan will help.


Three   –    Dress

The Dress. I learn a few years ago that the dress can take up to 12 months (SOMETIMES LONGER!) to be ready from the designer. Dress shopping must be a fabulous experience to share with your mum, best mate or all your maids. Although I have been informed the best mate is the better option. Too many people, and you will get lots of different options. Mum’s can be biased but your best mate will tell it straight! 😊

Dress shopping has got to include late lunches, a bit of fizz & quality time with your favorite person or people. Again, you will have made a shortlist of boutiques to visit. Bridal suppliers have told me that a lot of brides have an idea of what they want before they even try a dress on. As we are all different shapes and sizes your dream dress may not always suit your height, body shape, coloring etc. Take advice from the ladies at the boutiques; they probably will know as soon as you walk in what will look good on you, and you may be pleasantly surprised😊


Four    –   Entertainment

Like myself most entertainers can only do one wedding a day.  That includes your wedding hosts/ singing waiters/ bands & DJ’s.

Acoustic musicians & magicians can sometimes do more than one events depending on the time you require them. Some couples like music or magic after the ceremony during canopies where other prefer this after dinner, leading nicely into the evening party.

Wedding hosts that will act as a speaker and announce your VIP guests into the room, creating a party atmosphere. They will host Mr & Mrs games & generally get the party started. There are hosts that can add singing to list, getting your guests upon on their feet around the dining room, singing and dancing as they interact with you & your guests.

If you are wanting more of a conversational atmosphere an acoustic guitar musician and singer may be the ideal. These singers normally do their thing in background.

Most weddings I photography have a 5-piece band at their evening party, as well as or instead of a DJ. Live music is always fabulous but consider your crowd. Nailing your entertainment is very personal, but in today expanding wedding market you can get pretty any type of entertainment you desire. There are a lot of very talented suppliers, so you have a great bunch to choose from.


Five – Hair & Make Up

Hair & Make is a must for most brides now and very rarely do a wedding where a bride it is doing her own styling. Getting the right look and stylist is important, as we all know that if we don’t feel great it can affect how we feel all day. You want to be wowed by the styling of whoever you choose and get on with them as you will be nattering away all morning! Again, there are lots of very talented suppliers in the wedding industry, that will make you feel like million dollars but don’t leave this until the last minute these suppliers get booked 2 years in advance; like us photographers.


Flowers  –  Cakes   –  Room Styling  – Stationary  –  Rings  –   Suits

Some of these suppliers will be able to cater for more than one wedding a day, although I do know several florist & cake makers that will only do one per day as their work is so involved or they are small business employing no staff.

All the above elements are normally dictated as part of your scheme, either color or by styling. As with all us creatives these guys will have a definite look and style to their work and that will be the deciding factor of who you choose. Again, people power is also important and if you like the supplier & they are your sort of person this is only going to be a bonus to your relationship building towards your wedding.

No one supplier is more important than the other and you may book your venue then your florist the same day… Brilliant you are off! Whatever works for you and in whatever order you find that dream supplier just get them booked.


  • Selfie Mirror
  • Ice Cream Vans
  • Balloons
  • VW Vans
  •  Vintage cars

The list goes on, as the world of weddings is endless,  I’ve all sorts of weird & wonderful things at wedding over the years BUT remember the reason for the wedding is to celebrate your love for each other and that is the most important thing of all!

If you looking for a creative  – vibrate wedding photographer!:😁👌)  –  drop me a message with your date and lets chat further 


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