The way I like to work it . . .

My kind of weddings are the ones that don’t take themselves to seriously, with lots of laughter, personal touches, built on family & friends.I love to bring the energy and passion to every wedding, so I close my diary at 40 weddings per year. Quality over quantity. My diary mostly becomes fully booked with recommendations from past couples, their guests & local wedding venues which is always a great compliment.

Most common quote from couples  is “I hate having my photo taken!” but I promise it will be natural & most of all FUN! ....especially when you see me hitting the deck or climbing onto a wall just to get the angle I want. In fact you will be surprised how much your'll enjoy that 15 minutes; just to two of you!

To capture your portraits we go for our little wander way from the crowd, taking you to where we have great light & backdrops. I like my portraits to be bright, vibrant & colourful, filled with love and laughter.  I normally do this twice throughout your day, so we can capture different lights. In the autumn and winter months I’ll bring extra lighting for those some stunning photos in the evening twilight.

Being a full time wedding photographer really is my DREAM JOB!. Meeting so many great couples and their families mixed with photographing some of the North West’s most beautiful wedding venues. I never forget how lucky and privileged I am to have been asked along for ride.