Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photographer

Castlefield   Rooms  Wedding  Photographer

I have been lucky enough to be a Castlefield Room wedding photographer – Manchester several times. Its an amazing venue on so many levels.  Like the Town Hall the location has so many different backdrops for your portraits. Running along the side of the Manchester ship Canal are the urban train viaducts; and the structural bridges that run over the ship canal.  Shona & Andrew really had the best that Manchester can offer for their wedding. With both their Manchester Town Hall ceremony & Castlefield Rooms wedding party. So much love for this Manchester wedding. Take me back!

Manchester    Town    Hall   Weddings

Manchester city center is an amazing location for a wedding. With Manchester Town Hall being  pretty extra special. Shona & Andrew had one of the very last weddings at Manchester Town Hall in late 2017. It closed its doors a few months after until 2024 for a renovation. The budget for the whole project – including a size-able contingency element which should reduce over time – has been set at up to £328.3 million. Hopefully I will be one of the first photographers back in when it reopens. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing around 10 weddings at Manchester Town Hall. I’ve had  fabulous Summer weddings through to wintry December weddings, when the famous inflatable Santa is sat right on top of the Town Hall.

Relaxed    Wedding    Photography

The surroundings locations including Albert Square, Central Library and The Midland Hotel are all perfect backdrops for some relaxed portraiture photography. Taking in the whole loop is around 15 minutes. Capturing the beautiful bustling streets of the city. The Town Hall itself has the most amazing  features with  large stained glass windows. Adding gorgeous soft natural lighting to any portrait. The tiled flooring is something very special too, with the ironic Manchester Bee mosaic. This has to be the most popular tile for most wedding photographers – including myself! (see  images below). The interior has been used for numerous BBC Dramas  & Films often doubling up as the Houses of Parliament due to its grand appearance.

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